terms and conditions

Please read all of these terms and conditions before using any of the graphics. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to contact me. Breaking any of the following terms will result in some serious consequences.

general terms

  • Direct linking is not allowed for any of the graphics. Please upload the graphics to your own server.
  • Link back to Infinitum Nihi at all times.
  • Redistribution of any graphic found on this site is not allowed. Even if you credit back here, my graphics aren't supposed to be offered anyplace else.
  • All material found on this site may not be used for commercial purposes.
  • No part of this site, including its coding, may be copied or reproduced.

Below are additional terms for specific graphics. Please read over them carefully for they are just as important as the general terms.

icon usage guidelines

  • You must link back to Infinitum Nihi for any graphics that you use from here.
  • Alteration of any icon is not allowed.
  • Textless icons are not to be used or considered as bases.

layout guidelines

  • You must keep the link back to Infinitum in tact at all times.
  • A link back to Infinitum must be kept on every page you use it on. In other words, don't just credit in the 'credits' page.
  • Watermarks must not be removed or altered.
  • Credit to resoucres used to create layout must also be kept in tact.

Please note:

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any given moment by using my graphics you are agreeing to the guidelines written on this page. Remember all I'm asking in return of using my designs and graphihcs is a link back.


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