frequent questions

Q. Can I use any of these graphics on my site?
A. Yes, you can; all you have to do is provide a link back.

Q. Could you make me a layout?
A. That's a definite no. However, I'm willing to take requests for certain anime graphics to be added.

Q. What happens if I decide to take something and not give credit?
A. Depending on the stuff you took, I may have your site shut down.

Q. Can I take your layout?
A. Absolutely no. Layouts made for Infinitum are only to be used for Infinitum and should not be copied or duplicated in any shape or form.

Q. How do you do ___ effect on an image?
A. Please feel free to request a tutorial.

Q. Can we become affiliates?
A. I'm currently accepting affiliates. Please read the affiliation guidelines and apply, I will get to you with a response as soon as I can.

Q. My question still hasn't been answered after reading this, now what?
A. Use the form below and I will answer your question.

contact form

Please make sure you have read the f.a.q. ( located above ) completely before using the form below. This contact form is not to be used in the following ways:

  • Do not use this form to flame me in any way, shape, or form. If you do not like my website then simply do not visit it.

  • Do not ask me on how to make any type of effect or design. You may suggust I make a tutorial for it, but that doesn't mean I will.

  • If this form does not work, please send your emails to raven [dot] heart [ at ] yahoo [ dot ] com.